MineBody Wellness

Company Mission: We believe that life is simple. It’s biology and chemistry. Our physiology is not a black box that only healthcare professionals can demystify. You know the sensations of your body best, and we facilitate deciphering your physiological signs so that your body can communicate better with your awareness. Be self-reliant for your overall wellness. Through our sustainable and conscious business, we want healthcare innovation and to quickly turn beneficial research into viable products.

What we’re not: We’re not an “alternative medicine” company. The terms used in this industry are very wrong. Alternative sounds unrefined, under-developed and inferior to conventional medicine. In contrary, the products we feature are complementary to the medicines and supplements you take. We want healthcare revolution. In fact, we encourage all forms of health-benefiting care, activities, and complementary devices to take care of ourselves. One form is not enough. We are not practicing medicine and diagnosing either, but we do believe that taking care of your own health is your duty, and knowing your vital signs and more, having that power and knowledge of what’s happening inside you genetically and epigenetically is your right. You don’t need to be an MD to self-assess and gain insights to your own health status. We live in the prime epoch for DIY health and affordable diagnostics. Yet, we’re not condoning self-medication and self-diagnosis. Always consult a professional; it’s proven that having a trustworthy caretaker by your side keeps you healthy (Lissa Rankin, MD). Together with their healing presence, your wellness will skyrocket so that you can use your energy for what matters to you. We just want to enhance and complement that healing journey and experience. We want you to mine your physiology, take charge of your own health.